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Learning German online has never been easier. A variety of German lessons for total beginners and advanced learners are complemented by numerous interactive German language exercises, an introduction to new German language orthography and tests to improve and to evaluate your German language proficiency. Additionally, helpful study tips, advice on a successful job application and convenient home like environment makes learning with us both fun and useful.

Beginners' Level A1 - Batch for Children & Adults.
Beginners' level A1.1 Chat On WhatsApp Now
Beginners' level A1.2 Chat On WhatsApp Now

Classes conducted by instructors with years of teaching experience at renowned institutes.
Maximum 12 students in a classromm.
Classrooms equipped with audio-visual aids.
No extra charges for study material in A1.1, A2.1, B1.1 and B2.1. In case the student already has the book, the cost shall not be refunded.
All levels in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Lannguages.

Admission on first come first served basis.
Full fee payable at the time of registration by cash, cheque or credit card.

There are six levels in German:
A1: Breakthrough or beginner
A2: Waystage or elementary
B1: Threshold or intermediate
B2: Vantage or upper intermediate
C1: Effective operational proficiency or advanced
C2: Mastery or proficiency.

Travel Guide Courses.
Courses for travel guides also avalable.

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