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Globalisation and multiculturalism have resulted in cultures and economies being inexorably interlaced. Knowing a different language opens up a whole new world of art and culture for you to explore.In today's fast chamging global environment, having a good command over a foreign language can give you ample opportunities on the job front, besides adding value to your CV.

Join today and broaden your horizon on a global scale.

Beginners' Level A1 - Weekend Batch for children.
Beginners' level A1.1     Rs. 5,500/-
Beginners' level A1.2      
Beginners' Level A1 - Weekdays batch for adult and professionals.
Beginners' level A1.1*     Rs. 11,800/-
Beginners' level A1.2*      
Intermediate Level B1 and B2 - Weekend Batch
Intermediate level B1.1*     Rs. 13,500/-
Intermediate level B1.2*     Rs. 13,500/-
*For students who have already done A1 and A2
or a Diploma Course at the University.
*After completion of B1.1 and B1.2, students can take the new Goethe-Zertifikat B1 exam at Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi.
Intermediate Level B2.1* PLUS
Intermediate Level B2.2*
    Rs. 14,500/- INDIVIDUAL COURSE

Admission on first come first served basis.
Full fee payable at the time of registration by cash, cheque or credit card.

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